Build a Drupal 8 Bootstrap Subtheme with SASS

New blog post at the Sevaa blog: based on the original Drupal 7 version by Roland Michael dela Peña (arpeggio): . I’m actually taking his article and turning it into two, dividing the SASS implementation and the Grunt automation into separate pieces. There’s some good Drupal 8 getting-started guides out there and I’m […]

Converting to AM/PM Time in InfoPath Formulas

A client we were working with uses InfoPath Designer 2010 to propagate a list in SharePoint. They have a view on the list on their SharePoint site, and in one field in particular, a title field, the dates being listed were coming across as 24 hour time, which did not work for them. The mission […]

Passing Custom Arguments to Drupal 7 Autocomplete

Recently I was was tasked with adding a Drupal autocomplete whose list to populate from would change based on another filed in a form, specifically a drop down. I wanted to use the build in Drupal autocomplete functionality (no sense in breaking something nice that works) but couldn’t really find documentation on how to manage […]

SVG Circle/Ellipse to Path Converter

Often times using paths in an SVG is preferential to using shapes. This JavaScript-based solution will take data from circles or ellipses and convert them into paths constructed from two arcs. CX: CY: Ellipse Circle RX: RY: R: <path d=”“/> Original calculation for two-arc method found here: